From June 20th to 24th, 2018, The 4rd workshop on LiDAR Application in Forest Ecology, organized by the Digital Ecology Research Group, was held at the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Nearly 300 students from more than 80 universities and research institutes, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Wuhan University, Fudan University, the University of Florida in the United States and the University of Gottingen in Germany, participated in the  workshop.

On June 21st, a series of excellent first-line researchers focused on the application of remote sensing technologies, brought interesting academic reports to the students and conducted extensive and in-depth discussions and exchanges with the students.

From June 22nd to 23rd, the practical training of lidar technology application, including the basic theory of lidar, data processing methods, forestry parameter extraction, Python programming and so on, was conducted by scientific and technological personnel from the Digital Ecosystem Research Group.

This  workshop is a combination of lectures and practical operations, focusing on communication, feedback and interaction. The students expressed that they had mastered the principle of lidar, data processing methods as well as applications through this  workshop, which expanded theirs research thoughts and methods for future academic research. This workshop has achieved the desired results.